defunct (nonentityb) wrote in sacredinthecity,

Who wants to be the new maintainer??

I started this community shortly after moving from a rural town to start college in the city of Boston, hoping that it would help me deal with the alienation I felt as a country girl in the city. I moved back to the country a long time ago and have long since lost any interest in even thinking about city life, much less talking about it. So, shamefully, I have let a perfectly good community lay to waste.

I would love to transfer this community to someone who actually lives in the city and has any kind of enthusiasm for this subject. So, if you would like the job, please post a reply with a short description of why you think I should pick you as the new maintainer. I'll basically be looking for someone who is competent, reasonably well-mannered, and thinks they would really enjoy this gig and do a much better job than I ever did. Feel free to include any extra credit stuff: you know, special talents, empty promises, things like that.

I will pick someone on Sunday, November 18th and then be done with the community forever. The new maintainer will be free to do whatever they like and make whatever changes they want.
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