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The Clockwork Stag

Shamans and Old

An introductory thing, always such a gamble, no?
I am a follower of the Egyptian Pantheon, mainly, and I incorporate many beliefs from various religions that seem to work for me, including Buddhism and Taoism.
I also live in Winnipeg, Canada, and am closely affiliated with <lj user="doomsandwichx">, as a matter of fact.

Yes, one of my patron gods is Anpw, but I ask that I not be lumped together with the majority of those who claim to worship him because in my experience, the majority of those who do have turned him away from what he is into a purely sexual god. Of course, almost all the Gods are sexual, but that's not solely what Anpw is about, and I find it disrespectful to see him solely in that light.
I am brother to Heru, son of Anpw and Basti, and all around learned-up urban shaman.

I have a deer skull whose name is Rannok, he still has his spirit inside of his skull and speaks and offers guidance in the matters of nature and other realms. He oft comes with me on my excursions.
As I have explained to many before, I am an Akh-Ker, translated as "Older Brother." I give advice, but will never tell anyone to do or not to do something, as I believe that we are all through our lives sent blundering and but guided by a knowing hand. How would we learn if we were simply told the right answer? But there are always suggestions.
Indeed, there isn't anything special about me other than having been 'round the block a few more times than most -- Which simply means that I just don't learn as fast! Haha.
I have seldom been anyone of much importance, except for my time in Egypt, whereupon I was a head Priest for a few lifetimes in a temple. Not <i>the</i> head Priest, <i>a</i> head Priest. Just to clarify that! Several times as head of the Temple of Anpw, and once as head of the Temple of Heru. I was also a soldier, born as the illegitimate son of the Pharaoh, so I wasn't very important. I had an alright rank though, I suppose. Well-off enough and worth a mention, haha.
But other than that I seem to just favour animals, as I don't like people too much!

I don't claim to have Power Levels OVER NINE THOUSAND, and I'm not claiming to be the personificae of Death. I'm just a boy who's been around for a very long, long time, and as such I more often than not have an idea of what I'm talking about. In this life and as of this writing, I'm 19, though.

Nice to meet you.
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