Ophylia (pin_up_witch) wrote in sacredinthecity,

Being Misunderstood is So Cliche

I was asked by a dear friend the other day to preside over her Pagan Wedding Ceremony.

Does anyone know how much of an honor this is?

I cannot disclose who asked me to protect them, but i can tell you what they said:

"I suddenly realized you would be perfect. I've talked to several people but they're all just so pretentious I doubt they truly believe a single word they say... I have always gotten the feeling that you really do believe in your spirituality, not just using it to seem cool and interesting."

GODS that makes me feel so happy that someone notices my sincerity... They aren't the only ones either, recently another friend of mine said the same thing, that she felt my spirituality was very important and real to me.

isn't it sad that that's so rare these days? is it true that i'm one of the few people out there who truly and actively believes in something?

Even in organized religions; if you take a look at most Catholics these days, most of them just go to church to "go through the motions" of the religion. how many of them actually believe Jesus is their savior? Does anyone take the actual underlying beliefs of the religion seriously anymore? if they did, why would they even think to condemn others?

I'm proud of what i believe, but i often hide behind a shield to protect myself from persecution. My ancestors were burnt at the stake for their beliefs, and in today's world, the same thing happens to be daily on a metaphorical level. But i'm tired of hiding and i want to announce to the world that i'm proud to be Pagan! I'm proud to put my faith and trust in an ancient system of beliefs that is the only true thing i know... I feel blessed when the sun rises each day because Belenus is warming the lands and nourishing us... I look to the Sea whenever i go to Fort Funston and as the waves crash, i see Manannan Mac Lir's strength and i feel safe. I feel Brigidh in the warmth of a flame, and Cernunnos in the quiet of the woods. even when crows fly over head, and ravens watch from the trees, i know the lady Morgan is watching too.

There is a difference between my Gods and your God. Your God is one man up high in the sky who is waiting til the perfect moment to judge us all. My Gods are with me always, in the Earth and Elements, constantly surrounding us with their guidance and love. They are AMONG us, not above us. And they are always speaking to us, but few listen. like me.

My Gods are of fire, water, earth, air, spirit, light, and darkness... of wood and metal, lightning and thunder... life, death, and everything in between.

I am a Celt.
I am a Shaman.
I am the Daughter of the Earth.
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