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Hi all, I started a website that's mostly local to here but is intended to start "coming out" to identify myself as what I am; to open up about what I think about the world and the spiritual realms; and to start providing service-for-profit based on my learnings.  Let me know what you think: http://warrior-witch.weebly.com/

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P.S. If you would like to submit an article about spiritual stuff or other content, email me.

Tips for concrete wizards

So it came to me yesterday – I had some times going on, bad things – hurt thoughts. Shook them off though – the sun was out and the sky was maybe perfect. Clouds like fingers over the transmission lines so you'd think that lightning might spiral between them – helical even. The wind was just right too – pushing off the snow which had come hard and fierce – insistent, but not strong, not enduring earlier in the week. It seemed like spring, overcoming – a tolerably helpful portent. So out of the morning haze I got it together to finish my chores and it turns out that my unemployment had been deposited in the bank – which is not quite like a paycheck – which thing may as well be a wand of lapis or a sword of fire to the contemporary wizard – but close enough – money and assurances, Pentacles. So I practiced my discernment, woke up my wintery blood and drove around a while. Down into unvisited portions of the metropolis and found some looked for places, talked to those who expected me because of earlier telephone conversations – Which is Amazing though maybe only sort of. People typed messages at me, little birds, and I made more phonecalls thinking I'd see or be seen by people because an electric snake bit them. It calls them into being. That's what I said to myself. 


Then I came home to read a while, Pekar's biographies of the Beats, thinking Old Harvey P is from my town just like me. I like him for that if nothing else, that and that he made a thing. Making a thing is an act of will, admirable, being from here is an act of contrition, noble.


But then I was thinking – I'd be out later for dollar drafts and that's magic too! Spirits and Economical. Or anyway it's a boon and not one to look at lightly. Still remembering twenty-five cent pabsts in the lurkier corners of my demesne but accepting fortune. My friend was getting older last night – today I suppose. Night is the change of days not the chime of some clock – nevermind the electric snake that bites and says otherwise. Out of jokes and affection and bitter contempt I'd fashioned him a painting a ways back – He'd asked for it, A vagina, I'd painted it for him and then proudly unfurled it and waved it around like a flag trying to get girl's phone numbers. It worked only a little. But I figured it's his birthday I aughta get him a thing, and then thinking Fuck That I aughta make him a thing. So I decided to make him some magic.


I'd done this thing once before – The Hundred Abolitions – it's a thing that I think is maybe only for me cause it's got to do with a few special feelings that I have about specific manufactured goods. Manufactured goods are manufactured and not exactly of the sort of thing that you maybe can work the old Will over – but that's part of it isn't it? Making a thing from anther thing? Buying something is basically finding it in the wilderness cause there's more paper laying out for use on store shelves in my neighborhood than there are leaves – it's gathering and there was discernment involved the 3.5 x 5 inch cardstock, the Sharpie pen with just the right tip – discernment. Like picking the stones out of a stream – you find the right kind and you'll skip it five times – find the right pen and the right paper – you might make a thing that's magic. I did. The Hundred Abolitions is just a list, one item per card, you Tell what can't be done. I phrase it like this: Do Not _____ This Man and fill in the blank with versions of 'harm' or 'kill' and think of a hundred bad things I wouldn't like to happen to my friend. And I think pretty hard about it – go into a little trance – suck down some magic smoke that I learned about - native to the New World and famous for making peace, and then I imbibe a potion of secret origin, fashioned from the rarest ingredients of the Amazon and the Congo – a jungle nectar! Empowered thus I got to writing, mainly on the steps of St. Mary's Polish National – down the block…


Oh and there was this – walking. Walking's good – straight and narrow, the sidewalk, cars rush by, putting the wind at your back and in your face both at once – leaf in turbulence, it brings you up and awake – and just at the edge of sunset – just where the sun is starting to eat up the horizon – again there are the transmission lines, telephone poles, the jumble of fabricated houses, industrial smokes, commercial lots, For Sale – Commerce – leaf in turbulence. I leave my house walking out thinking hard and saying: "I'm the best wizard in this town." Which is true because you say it, that's a thing to say – self reinforcing feedback loop – say what you're going to say – if you don't believe that when you say it – well it isn't true. Not another wizard in the world begrudges you thinking you're the best except that when you say it to them? Well you've got no business being a wizard if you don't think you're the best in town. So I say what I want to say and I go out- up a hill down a walk, straight and narrow and I want to be strong because I want to do some magic - so I say to myself walking down the road – Leaf in Turbulence – except not, because it's turbulent but I'm under my own power, not guided – not pressed, not flowing – But Going. Going My Way. That's a thing. I know it's all right because the traffic lights are with me, don't break pace not once, people walking their dogs, they can see I've got purpose, out of the way, out of the way.   Saying to myself- "I could make a better world, I could make a world better than this." Which I do think is true –but then I see a Robin and I get a little shook up because I don't think I have it in me to think up Robins and what they mean and how good they are – and then I figure I'm okay because the Robin is important to me and I saw him hop hopping down my path and I took it for a good sign. So I get my materials and I sit on St. Mary's steps – the old church that isn't old – just ugly – I could tell you that they moved it here from Poland brick by brick and that it was built in 1964 and if you saw it you might believe me, Soviet. Anyway it's got two staircases one facing south and home and toward a lot of good places in my life, and one facing north and to the city's heart – but also across the street from a personal symbol of bad vanity and overreaching – so I sit with my back to the bad sign and start my composing.  


I could, well I guess I could try to appeal to better angels? Decent powers and wish for my friend all kind of good things –but I doubt I'd know a helpful spirit if it were helping me. Meanwhile I'm vindictive and mainly know from cursing people – So I figure I put together the list of bad things I'd rather didn't happen to my pal and then I put it together- the Hundred Abolitions and mark it up with a little bit of the Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis – old acquaintance in there who owes me a little – I mark the name, not much bigger than my own – that for flattery's sake not cause he's better than me. Wrap it up in some red ribbon I keep for that purpose and drip a bit of the old Saturn Oil – appeasing Saturn since he's the fucking plague god and needs appeasing- maybe a few months late. Spilled a beer in honor but made it seem like a mistake – try that one out by the way! Works strong, you're getting ahead of yourself and maybe wanna make sure you're getting home tonight? Tip one down it's worked for me.   Leave a cigarette to go in the ashtray – one for dear old granddad who loved em like I do and maybe can't get them but I leave one for him and give my friend his hug and his beer and his magic spell and we'll see if the world's not kinder.


Cat Snake thingie


Cross posted. I really want other opinions here.

What is your opinion on Soul or Spirit?

Here is why I ask.

My BF is reading a book called "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence". My BF is an Agnostic, and basically believes we are all meat, and our personalities, and who we are, is all chemical reactions based on chance and genetics. In this book, super smart people with all sorts of accreditation (I guess) are talking about nanotechnology, and how in the future, we are all going to be like the characters in Appleseed or Ghost in the Machine or Robocop (what I mean is, we will eventually have smart chips through out our body taking over our very CELLS on every level). He is VERY excited about this.

The whole idea that I will have computer chips injected into me replacing my genetic makeup makes me wonder... how does this affect the soul? At what point do you STOP hosting your soul. If we are all metal and computer chips, are we still human?

I don't think we are. Other people think this is the next step in human evolution. Frankly, it makes me queezy.

I don't have fake boobs. If I needed a knee replacement, yes, I guess I would have the silcon part replace my biology. And yes, I can see a parallel between knee relacements and inserting microchips into your brain to make you think faster and better.

My question is... to what end? What does this do to us? What happens to our soul is our base material is substituted for man made biology?

What is your opinion?

Behold my lack of Maintenance

It's true- at my last review I said:  "frankly considering the lack of effort and thought I put into my job I do an amazing amount of work."

This, well, it's true- it was and might be a lovely little community - I'm not especially opposed to trying, heck, I'll actually try.

Here's some of the 'ol shamanism that I've worked out lately.

The Opera - The Opera's an urban achievement you know-  it's the alchemist's artform they invented it on account of their wish to unite the arts to one magical art - the urban spectacle.  Nowadays of course your experience at the opera might suggest to you the ruthless nonsensical foolishness of the world of money and finance - I have to point this out because I always see the empty seat three rows up that the ushers prevent you from moving to becuase they cost $50 more - foolish! 

Opera means Work in italian - cause it was the "Work" of the Alchemists - it's their magical labor and not for nothing is it part of the SATOR square.  So and thus to my point (although I could make subsidiary points here and now about maybe you should aughta give the Work a chance if you can - it's not right to listen you know- you need to go-  the Spectacle's the Work, is the Alchemy - and likewise- what's the place of it?  Film?  Any notions?)

But my thing here is the SATOR square- or really any magic square - chances are- if you live in an urban environment like I do you live in a grid of squares.  So why not generate the beneficent effects of the Magic square for your neighborhood- give it a try anyway.  Ten Square blocks can do it and maybe you'll walk your own labrynth or mandala as you go - stations of the city so to speak. 

Beans, Leaves and Deities

Beans, Leaves & Deities Pagan Coffee Talk

Date: Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: Portland New Church - 302 Stevens Avenue

Details under the cut.Collapse )
Topic:  Divination
This was on one of our most popular and talked about talks last year.  Divination is used in nearly every Pagan tradition and there are nearly an infinite variety of tools and methods:  tarot cards, astrology, runes, geomancy, bones, reading omens and signs, and the list goes one.  Please join us of a one hour discussion on the topic of divination.
Be sure to bring your favorite divination tool for a reading swap to take place after the discussion.  We will have tables set up for readers to use.

Now what comes after? Here is a list of the 2008 – 2009 topics.

November 8th: Chants

December 13th: Ancestors & Heritage Potluck

January 10th: Making the Wheel of the Year Personal

February 14th: Pagan Parables and Personal Mythology

March 14th: Plants

April 11th: Community Ritual
Pagan Celebrations and Rites of Passage

We have lots of other exciting news to share, so please stay tuned for more updates.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Beans Leaves and Deities

When: Second Saturday of each Month
Where: Portland, Maine

Pagan Coffee Talk!

Event Details: It's that time of the year to celebrate cool days and colder nights, warm mugs and good friends.

2008 – 2009 Beans Leaves & Deities season will now begin!
On September 13th at 2:00 pm at the Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Avenue, folks will gather to kick off another year of community, conversation and caffienation.

If you're in the area, stop on in for a cuppa....Collapse )Website:

Evil Graffitti

Lately there has been a local graffiti artist known as Eyesore who has really been concerning me. His art is filled with upside down pentagrams and crosses, daggers, latin verses and things written in latin. At first I didn't think much but some nasty shit has been happening and getting worse since I noticed his tags. Last night I found another one of his tags and the evil energy coming off it was freaky, even my less spiritually minded friend got an eerie feeling from it.
I`m going out with my can tonight and doing some counter-action in the form of positive haiku and some bind-runes. Anybody have any other ideas for counter magic? I want Winnipeg to go back to just being fucked up as opposed to violent.
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Shamans and Old

An introductory thing, always such a gamble, no?
I am a follower of the Egyptian Pantheon, mainly, and I incorporate many beliefs from various religions that seem to work for me, including Buddhism and Taoism.
I also live in Winnipeg, Canada, and am closely affiliated with <lj user="doomsandwichx">, as a matter of fact.

Yes, one of my patron gods is Anpw, but I ask that I not be lumped together with the majority of those who claim to worship him because in my experience, the majority of those who do have turned him away from what he is into a purely sexual god. Of course, almost all the Gods are sexual, but that's not solely what Anpw is about, and I find it disrespectful to see him solely in that light.
I am brother to Heru, son of Anpw and Basti, and all around learned-up urban shaman.

I have a deer skull whose name is Rannok, he still has his spirit inside of his skull and speaks and offers guidance in the matters of nature and other realms. He oft comes with me on my excursions.
As I have explained to many before, I am an Akh-Ker, translated as "Older Brother." I give advice, but will never tell anyone to do or not to do something, as I believe that we are all through our lives sent blundering and but guided by a knowing hand. How would we learn if we were simply told the right answer? But there are always suggestions.
Indeed, there isn't anything special about me other than having been 'round the block a few more times than most -- Which simply means that I just don't learn as fast! Haha.
I have seldom been anyone of much importance, except for my time in Egypt, whereupon I was a head Priest for a few lifetimes in a temple. Not <i>the</i> head Priest, <i>a</i> head Priest. Just to clarify that! Several times as head of the Temple of Anpw, and once as head of the Temple of Heru. I was also a soldier, born as the illegitimate son of the Pharaoh, so I wasn't very important. I had an alright rank though, I suppose. Well-off enough and worth a mention, haha.
But other than that I seem to just favour animals, as I don't like people too much!

I don't claim to have Power Levels OVER NINE THOUSAND, and I'm not claiming to be the personificae of Death. I'm just a boy who's been around for a very long, long time, and as such I more often than not have an idea of what I'm talking about. In this life and as of this writing, I'm 19, though.

Nice to meet you.