doomsandwichx (doomsandwichx) wrote in sacredinthecity,

Yay another newbie!

Well just great, here's another newbie post! I was going to put it in another newbie post below to save space but decided nobody would see it so here we go.
My name is Nathan
I live in Winnipeg Canada I'm a follower on Thor(some would say his child) and Odin. Just don't call me an Asatru, nothing against them, I just shun organized religion and feel it somewhat defeats the purpose of paganism. Those are just my views though and I'll never impose them upon people, merely speak of them.
I've always felt at home in the city and feel that nature has it's ways of coming through, it's not always obvious but we'll always be surrounded by nature and its sprits. Next time your walking down the sidewalk in summer or spring look down at the flower bursting through the cracks for proof.
This place seems like my kind of online hangout.
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