The Lion of Cleveland (kingtycoon) wrote in sacredinthecity,
The Lion of Cleveland

Behold my lack of Maintenance

It's true- at my last review I said:  "frankly considering the lack of effort and thought I put into my job I do an amazing amount of work."

This, well, it's true- it was and might be a lovely little community - I'm not especially opposed to trying, heck, I'll actually try.

Here's some of the 'ol shamanism that I've worked out lately.

The Opera - The Opera's an urban achievement you know-  it's the alchemist's artform they invented it on account of their wish to unite the arts to one magical art - the urban spectacle.  Nowadays of course your experience at the opera might suggest to you the ruthless nonsensical foolishness of the world of money and finance - I have to point this out because I always see the empty seat three rows up that the ushers prevent you from moving to becuase they cost $50 more - foolish! 

Opera means Work in italian - cause it was the "Work" of the Alchemists - it's their magical labor and not for nothing is it part of the SATOR square.  So and thus to my point (although I could make subsidiary points here and now about maybe you should aughta give the Work a chance if you can - it's not right to listen you know- you need to go-  the Spectacle's the Work, is the Alchemy - and likewise- what's the place of it?  Film?  Any notions?)

But my thing here is the SATOR square- or really any magic square - chances are- if you live in an urban environment like I do you live in a grid of squares.  So why not generate the beneficent effects of the Magic square for your neighborhood- give it a try anyway.  Ten Square blocks can do it and maybe you'll walk your own labrynth or mandala as you go - stations of the city so to speak. 
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