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sacredinthecity's Journal

sacred in the city
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In case you need help with your own urban shamanism
moderator: kingtycoon

Here is what I have to say as the moderator - Tell me what you want this to say.

Here is what I have to say for the shamanism:
Consider. There is nature and nature is a mother to us, we've grown up from troupes of apes at the fringe of the jungle and the edge of the plain and become less apes than ants - colonially infesting. So we were made for the world and then we started making the world the way we wanted it. The city is the environment we've built for ourselves - or not. Maybe we made the city because it wanted us to. Maybe the city is the winner and we're just the vector for that evolution. Selection happens even in inanimate clays on a riverbed - maybe the world is selecting for cities. We haven't selected for urban life - we're still apes eyeing up the competition and waiting for a leopard to get us. It's a difficult situation us and them all bundled up tight - the city. So there are methods for contending with those pressures, maybe methods of changing homo sapiens-sapiens or at least the way that we think, that's the change that matters, not what we think but how it is done - that's the shamanism (says me) and that's what I'll have to say on this particular board.

Again let me know if you've got words to add - I'll add em.